Active global Tracking Solutions for postal industry

To date, traditional track and trace systems of postal services only provide partial information on the status of shipments, based on data from scanning and RFID. The track and trace systems rarely work in foreign countries as they are not integrated with the partners’ systems, providing only information on the entry into the destination country. With letter volumes down and parcels ever increasing, designated postal operators need a solution for end-to-end transparency. Kizy Real-time trackers can handle a huge number of complex tasks, yet they are extremely easy to get up and running: no investment in infrastructure is needed, and they can easily be returned with the UPU International Business Reply System (IBRS) due to their small size. Use-cases for postal operators include the tracking of mailbags, trolleys, letters and shipments, thereby live-alerting on delays and misrouting, waiting times at sorting centers, processing times at hubs, opening of shipments and many more applications.