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Where are my containers currently located?
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How do I improve my container flow management?
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Manage your fleet with ease through real-time container tracking

Visibility over the container fleet through container tracking is becoming ever more important. Have you known that up to 30 agents handle one shipment until it reaches its destination? The imbalance of supply and demand presents a major challenge for the container shipping industry. A lack of real-time location information on containers leads to an inefficient use of containers. By providing real-time, global visibility data Kizy helps you track your shipments and containers to efficiently manage the container flow.

Improve container logistics through global visibility of your container fleet

Kizy’s global IoT tracker digitizes your container flow with live transmission of important data such as geolocation, temperature, status of open/closed doors. This visibility data provides companies and related parties with important information about the status of container shipments. It helps to improve shipment visibility across multiple carriers, because Kizy works with any transporter and does not require any installed infrastructure. Using Kizy’s services for container tracking enables carriers and freight forwarders to better plan and optimize their shipping operations.


Realize long-term autonomous container tracking with Kizy

Get ahead of any potential hiccups along the delivery routes with Kizy’s smart Supply Chain Tracker that sends important status information even from within buildings and metallic environments. 

The tracker can be expanded with sensors and add-ons. The K-Box as an extension for the Kizy Tracker is specially designed for long-term container tracking, prolonging tracking autonomy up to 3 years. Thanks to its shape and a strong magnet on the back, the K-Box can be easily attached to containers to send real-time information on location, movement, temperature and light. This data enables logistics companies to know the estimated time of arrival (ETA), potential delays, the occurrence of container openings, as well as theft and route anomalies. By delivering real-time status data, Kizy provides an adequate context to enable immediate, informed action to rectify situations before they lead to loss of productivity or goods.


The K-Box extends the battery autonomy of the Kizy Tracker up to 3 years and is built for usage in rugged conditions. A compact-sized gadget that can be easily affixed onto the indentation of the container walls with its strong magnets, making it a perfect solution for long-term, autonomous container tracking.


Build your smart container with Kizy Tracking

Smart containers are the answer to optimal container fleet management to achieve operational efficiency. Any normal container equipped with Kizy’s IoT tracker can be turned into a smart container that sends important status data in real time.

Smart container is the answer to optimal container fleet management
Kizy’s Tracker works on GSM and Wi-Fi networks and is able to transmit data reliably even from within containers and warehouses.

No additional need for extra infrastructure and external antenna


Open API that integrates into your existing systems and platforms

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