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Case studies

Kizy helps Cardok to coordinate delivery and installation

Cardok builds custom underground parking solutions all over the world. The installation requires an optimal synchronization between the delivery of the equipment and the installation team. By tracking the parking platform from the factory to the customer‘s premises,...

Asendia investigates delivery issues in record time thanks to Kizy

It is always difficult to get full transparency over the whole supply chain, especially when it involves a multitude of partners across various countries. When confronted with customer claims regarding delays in the delivery of shipments, Asendia uses Kizy to quickly...

How end-to-end visibility enables ProStarLog to build trust

When you talk business with Markku Sauvala, Sales Director of the Helsinki based freight forwarder ProStarLog, the key word that will come soon into the discussion is « trust »: the trust customers are putting into your ability to deliver, the trust you put into your...

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