Black Friday isn’t here yet but from a supply chain perspective the heavy volume has already started to inundate the ecommerce business. It’s the biggest shopping period of the year, with the real challenge for online shops and parcel delivery providers starting afterwards. On top of Black Friday the regular holiday business needs to be managed and, oh yes, there comes Cyber Monday as well. Are you feeling ready?

There are many ways to prepare for the best-selling period of the year. Retailers can exploit all available methods to maximize sales: a strong website, sufficient inventory, efficient marketing, arrangement with suppliers etc. But what good is it when problems arise in the supply chain and retailers cannot fix them because they do not know where the difficulties are? Unpredictable events may happen all the time. Avoiding them means retailers need to know what is happening at every step of their supply chain.

Why end-to-end supply chain visibility matters

The customer journey does not end with pressing the “Order Now” button, but with the receipt of the ordered goods. For online retailers it means that they need visibility in their supply chain at any time to be able to answer questions like the following:

  • Where in the supply chain do delivery delays occur?
  • Do my suppliers and forwarders adhere to agreed transport procedures and routes?
  • What is the estimated arrival of shipments, when will they be delivered to customers?

Not only on peak days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday you need to know where your goods are, but also for the upcoming holiday time and beyond you should be able to monitor your deliveries and know that your carriers work reliably. One bad delivery experience can mean losing a customer forever.

Black Fridays are critical because people like to use the discounts for buying christmas presents. Could you imagine the consequences for you if the presents don’t arrive in time? Retailers need a solution that enables a complete insight in supply chains. Therefore, they also need to ask themselves the following:

  • How can I improve the customer experience with real-time notifications of shipment arrival and delays?
  • How can I track deliveries worldwide and in real-time, even if they are in buildings and containers?

To get visibility, GPS-based tracking systems are widely known as a solution, but there is another and more exhaustive option: real-time tracking based on WiFi and GSM.

Heavy ecommerce volumes are typical for Black Friday

Keep an overview

There’s a solution to all these questions: Kizy Tracking. With this real-time tracking system you are able to react immediately when problems arise. Kizy uses the existing global GSM infrastructure for positioning and communication, which combines two advantages at once: First, the shipment can be tracked indoors and outdoors, including metallic areas or containers, and second, it works worldwide. This end-to-end supply chain visibility enables significant cost reductions and massive customer service improvements.

With Kizy trackers it’s easy to ensure on-time deliveries and happy customers because you can monitor the work of delivery partners and adapt accordingly. Due to their low cost Kizy is the only scalable solution in the global supply chain market, allowing the tracking of low cost shipments as well. You’re able to gain valuable insights in your internal and external processes and the work of your partners.

Work as usual, but more stress-free

The integration is very easy through an open API. You stay up to date with alerts and notifications about current locations in your online tracking platform.


Exemplary flow of the supply chain.
Much more important than the knowledge of the problems is the knowledge of their causes. Only then you can avoid transportation delays and fulfillment issues. Use the real-time data to monitor your supply chain and improve your service quality! Then nothing can go wrong on days like Black Friday.

Try before you buy with a Test Kit! If the Kizy Trackers work for you, we can talk about next steps. For more details and no more late deliveries join our webinar on December 5, 2019.