Asset Tracking

How do I manage assets across different countries remotely?
Are my customers keeping to their contractual terms of use?
Is there an easy way to locate and retrieve stolen equipment?
How can I proactively identify potential disruptions?

Asset Tracking with Kizy improves in-transit visibility and accountability.

Be in control of your assets, no matter where with Kizy Asset Tracking.

Retailers and logisticians are regularly confronted with theft and misplacement of assets, which causes much inconvenience to their business operations. The lack of updated location information further impedes accountability for assets and slows down the retrieval process for stolen assets. This can result in costly damages for companies. 

Do you experience similar issues and are looking for a solution to prevent further losses? 

Kizy Tracking helps companies manage their resources and minimize the manpower needed for manual tracking of companies’ assets and equipment with real-time IoT location tracking. Through GSM technologies, the Kizy K-2 Tracker has wide-range coverage, allowing live tracking across borders and even within containers. The detailed live data from the tracker can be used to streamline resource management and better coordinate business processes. 


Asset tracking can't get any simpler with Kizy IoT tracking solution.

With Kizy, companies also benefit from a seamless location tracking solution.  It increases visibility within the supply chain, allowing to track and protect assets , as well as monitoring compliance of service level agreements (SLAs). Kizy helps avoid further incurrence of losses due to theft or misappropriation of assets.

View the datasheet [pdf] for details and technical information about the Kizy K-2 Tracker.
Asset tracking can't get any simpler with Kizy IoT tracking solution.

Track your assets on the move with Kizy Tracking

Our low-maintenance real-time tracker with high performance capabilities is the perfect solution for companies who wish to be in control of their assets. 

Simple Integration with Kizy Tracking.

Easy integration

  • Lightweight (42g) and small-sized (<C6 letter size)
  • Simple fixing onto equipment and assets
  • Open API interface
  • No additional infrastructure or system needed
Global Monitoring with Kizy Tracking.

Real-time global monitoring

  • Global coverage, including indoors and within containers
  • Live transmission of data using mobile networks and Wi-Fi
  • Instantaneous overview of lasset ocation visualized in online platform
Reassess your strategies with Kizy Tracking.

Reassessment of strategies

  • Reduction of response time with real-time anomalies’ notifications
  • Identification of issues and root causes 
  • Reevaluation of delivery routes / partner agreements


Having a constant check on the real-time location of your assets is vital to achieve operational efficiency.

Coordinated control and continuous monitoring of assets

Companies that are in the rental business, such as containers, construction machines and special equipment, require a tracker that has lasting autonomous battery life for long-term tracking. The Kizy K-Box extends autonomy of the K-2 Tracker up to 6 times and protects the tracker from external elements, like shock, extreme temperatures and water contact. Find out how you can monitor and protect your assets using our K-2 Tracker with K-Box add-on.


Watch our webinar recording for detailed insights about long-term asset tracking. 

Asset tracking over a long period of time can be streamlined with the use of our IoT tracking solution with K-Box add-on.

Case Studies

Kizy Tracking customer K.Hartwall is a leading international logistics efficiency provider

Health Check system of K.Hartwall provides supply chain transparency

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Kizy Tracking customer Cardok is a leading international parking products provider

Kizy Tracking helps Cardok coordinate delivery and installation

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Kizy Tracking customer K.Hartwall is a leading international logistics efficiency provider

How end-to-end visibility enables ProStarLog to build trust with customers

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