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Cardok builds custom underground parking solutions all over the world. The installation requires an optimal synchronization between the delivery of the equipment and the installation team. By tracking the parking platform from the factory to the customer‘s premises, Cardok can send the installation team on site just before the parking platform arrives, thus minimizing idle time and reducing costs.

A need for optimal coordination

All the parking platforms from Cardok are single projects. They are manufactured on demand at their factory and then delivered to customers all around the world. Once the convoy arrives at its destination, a team of skilled workers performs the installation. The coordination of the delivery and the team on site is therefore crucial. The process requires the renting and use of technical equipment (for example a special crane) for which each hour of delay costs Cardok hundreds of dollars.
As the journey can last from a few days across Europe to up to 2 months for destinations abroad, it is common that delays and problems occur along the way. Up until now, the only possibility for Cardok to find out about the status of the delivery was to call the driver or contact the shipping company. This proved to be a time-consuming process with mixed results when people cannot be reached or have no information to provide.

About Cardok
Cardok is an underground parking solution that doubles your parking space and provides greater security than a locked garage.
And it looks pretty good too.


Predicting the delivery

Once a parking platform is ready for delivery, the people at the factory attach a K-1 GSM tracker to it. Comfortably installed in his office, Patrick Martin, the CEO of Cardok, activates the mission remotely, follows the delivery and shares the information with the installation team.
Just before the truck reaches destination, Patrick is automatically notified and can send his team on site at the right moment to welcome the convoy.
After the installation, Cardok stops the mission, the team collects the tracker and send it back to the factory to accompany the next delivery.

“Kizy helps us save precious time. We value the fact that we only pay for Kizy when we effectively use it. Another advantage is the compact dimensions of the tracker and the extended battery autonomy. Even during long deliveries, we are sure to get the information we need, when we need it.”

Patrick Martin

CEO, Cardok Sàrl

Many hours and hundreds of dollars saved per shipment

By following the parking platforms from the factory to the customer, Cardok stays informed about delays and can optimize the installation process. “Thanks to Kizy, we avoid the hassle of calling people and can send our technicians on site at the right moment. We have already estimated that this way, we save many hours per shipment” says Patrick Martin
Cardok uses Kizy systematically for all his deliveries, which results in an overall optimization of its supply chain.


Time saved per installation


Parking platforms tracked from factory to on-site installation

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