The best add-ons for your Kizy Tracker

Kizy has additional features that can enhance the performance of your tracker.

The temperature sensor add-on enables real-time temperature and location tracking using one device.

Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor add-on enables the tracking of temperature-sensitive goods along the supply chain from end to end.

K-Box is a powerful add-on that extends the K-2 tracker's battery life up to 6 times and protects it from extreme external conditions.


The K-Box is an extension for the K-2 Tracker to prolong its autonomy and protect it from extreme external conditions during transport.

Kizy's humidity & temperature sensor provides customers with ultra precise readings for full food supply chain visibility.

Humidity Sensor

The humidity sensor provides precise and reliable measurements on relative humidity and temperature to prevent condensation and preserve the shipment’s quality.

Kizy's GSM tracker has an in-built smart light sensor

Light Sensor

The built-in light sensor detects light density changes and sends information and alerts about events that have triggered the changes.

Do you want to track the status of you shipments?

The K-2 Tracker provides real-time information such as geolocation, temperature and light, thus enabling you to monitor the status of your goods throughout the entire transport from manufacturer to end-consumer. It is the perfect solution to improve supply chain visibility.


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Relevant Use Cases

Simple integration to your existing system using Kizy's open API.

Simple integration of visibility data by Kizy into your existing system

Integrate Kizy Tracking software easily into your current systems and applications through our open API, and use the data generated for detailed performance analyses. We can also customize the interface according to your brand identity.

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