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What is the Kizy Tracker?

The Kizy Tracker is an IoT hardware device that enables active global tracking of shipments and goods on a large scale. The tracker transmits real-time data of geolocation and movement from anywhere in the world. It has an embedded light sensor that can communicate changes in light density, as for example in the event of container and parcel openings.

The Kizy Tracker can be extended with external sensors  to enable real-time temperature tracking. Thanks to cell phone technology and WiFi, the Kizy Tracking solution is truly global and works even inside buildings and containers. With the K-2 Tracker, Kizy now operates its second generation of supply chain trackers.

How does the Kizy Tracker work?

The tracker connects in preconfigured intervals to the mobile phone network. Kizy transforms this connection into a geo-position that is shown on the Kizy Tracking platform.

Here not only the current position can be seen, but the entire route the tracker has taken prior to the current position.

How long does the battery last?

Depending on the tracking scheme, the battery can last up to 1 year. If you need even longer autonomy, we recommend you the K-Box add-on.  Not only does the K-Box extend the tracking autonomy to up to 3 years, but it also protects the Tracker from extreme condition during transport. 

Kizy conventionalized autonomous live tracking over long period of time.

What are advantages of the Kizy Tracker?

Instant Tracking – Kizy allows you to set up very quickly a tracking solution, independently of transportation partner or the environment you are working in.

Global Coverage – The trackers work reliably where others do not work. This includes buildings, containers and any other metallic environments. Shipments can be located wherever a mobile phone can connect to the GSM network. We cover more than 98% of countries. There are no roaming charges . 

Small Size – The Kizy Tracker has a minimal form factor (like a thick credit card) and is very light (less than 42 grams), so that it even fits in a C6 envelope. This allows for an easy returns process.

Smart Tracking – Kizy gives you the best accuracy possible. If the tracker is in warehouses or distribution centers and the likes, surrounding WiFis are used to get precise location. In the open field, cell phone networks are used for localization.

Long Battery Life – Kizy Trackers have a very high energy efficiency, enabling tracking autonomy of up to 1 year.

Cost Efficient Tracking – The Kizy Tracking solution is up to 10 times cheaper than similar other solutions on the market.

No Need for Infrastructure Set-up – It is not necessary to build a tracking infrastructure to receive real-time information on shipments and goods. All you need is minimal investment in the hardware to have a working tracking solution.

Scalable Tracking Solution – Kizy grows together with your business, one tracker at a time. You don’t need to invest into any specific infrastructure.


What is the difference to GPS Trackers?

Rather than connecting to a satellite via antenna, Kizy uses the existing mobile communication network and available local WiFi to identify the positions of the trackers in use. This allows for these advantages over GPS:

bullet point
Needs 100 times less energy than GPS trackers
bullet point
Autonomous outdoor AND indoor coverage
bullet point
Smallest device for enterprise tracking that can be hidden anywhere
bullet point
Cost efficient, up to 10x cheaper than GPS trackers
The difference in between gps and gsm

What are the applications?

Wherever transparency and end-to-end visibility of the supply chain is needed, Kizy can help provide visibility data. Kizy works for a wide range of industries and supports the following use cases:

If you want to find out if Kizy can help you overcome your visibility challenges, you can request a test kit for 3 months without any further commitment and see if it supports your use case.

Cargo tracking with Kizy GSM Tracker for reliable coverage worldwide

How can I recharge the device?

Charging is done via USB cable with the new USB-C port. Find here detailed information on charging the Kizy Tracker.

USB Type C Charging Cable for Kizy Tracker

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