Dresden, Neuchâtel, January 2019  – 5G technology is close to becoming a reality. Samsung and Huawei have already announced their first 5G compatible devices and operators globally are preparing themselves for this new technology. Government are funding the building of 5G compatible infrastructures to welcome the new trend. 

This means also that some technologies will be fading out. So is our good old 2G network.

What does it mean for you? And what impact will it have on Kizy Tracking? It means that our K-1 trackers will no longer work in some regions and within some countries that have already decommissioned 2G. In fact, the K-1 trackers are using a 2G chipset and might not be able to work in Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea starting from 2021. However, the K-1 still works in countries that are still providing 2G services, it just will not be able to transmit location data from regions without 2G along the delivery route. 

For those of you who are currently using our K-1 trackers, it might be the perfect opportunity to learn more about our newest K-2 Tracker. The K-2 Tracker is the perfect, future-proofed solution. It runs on GSM and Wi-Fi technologies. If a country shuts down one or another technology, you will still be able to use it for live tracking. Even if new technologies such as 4G and 5G  technologies become a reality, they will represent less than 35% of the active devices, and their module is still too expensive to be able to propose a full global operational solution at competitive prices.

The K-2 Tracker is the only true global solution that allows monitoring of goods from the Argentinian Pampa to Siberia, without any issue and at an affordable price. 

Stay tuned to Kizy for a further exploration of this developing topic from our company experts!

Image source: pixabay.com