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Dresden, Neuchâtel, March 2019 – We have learned quite a lot since the launch of the K-1 tracker a few years ago. We were the first on the market to specifically target large volume, global shipments. Kizy quickly learned that transparency is a key component of efficient supply chain management and active tracking allows to efficiently reduce costs. For example, freight forwarder Prostarlog could reduce the time to handle customer requests by 50% with placing trackers into their pallets. However, when a shipment is missing, rough localisation is not enough and you need to be able to pinpoint exactly where your shipment is.  This is why we have introduced the K-2 tracker.

Being an innovative company we are always in the continuous pursuit of perfection. The K-2 tracker has now done away with on-off switch and replaced it with a USB-C dongle that is removed when ready to use. The moment the dongle comes off, the tracking begins. Once, the dongle is placed back on, the tracking stops. The main reason to place the dongle and get rid of the switch is we found that many times during transit, the tracker would be voluntarily or involuntarily switched off – therefore losing precious data for supply chain management.

The other feature we have added to the tracker is the ability to update the software over-the-air. This will allow for remote maintenance.

The new trackers can be ordered now and will be ready at beginning of May 2019 for European customers.

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