End-to-end supply chain visibility

with real-time IoT data


Real-time. Reliable. Innovative.

The only scalable solution in the global supply chain market


Small size

Size of a thick credit card


Global coverage

> 98% of the world covered


Long lifetime

Up to 1 year autonomy and more


Low cost

Total cost of ownership 10x lower than GPS

End-to-end Supply Chain visibility in real-time, anywhere in the world

Kizy is a B2B global tracking system specifically designed to fulfill the visibility needs of the logistics and supply chain industry. It uses the existing global GSM infrastructure and local WiFi (no GPS) for positioning and communication.

The Kizy Tracking online platform is the coordination center for all tracking activities. Fast, responsive, scalable, and 100% cloud-based. Fully customizable with your brand identity and colours.

Kizy Tracking Customers

Combine our online tracking platform, tracker and API to create your own solution.


Take advantage of the global, real-time Kizy Tracking services to provide your customers with advanced solutions. Improve the power of your offers for for asset tracking, quality monitoring, fraud prevention, inventory management, and project coordination by integrating Kizy tracking data into your products and services. 

Why Kizy Tracking

Smart tracking

Kizy gives you the best accuracy possible. If it is in warehouses or distribution centers, it will use surrounding WiFis to get precise location. In open field, it will use cell phone networks to localize.

Easy integration

Kizy fits easily into your processes. Our API enables you to integrate data directly into you own systems and applications.

Easy return

The cheapest and most convenient way to get your tracker back after use: a simple envelope.

Global coverage

We can locate your shipments and containers everywhere where a cellphone can connect to the GSM network. That means also inside buildings and containers. We cover more than 98% of the countries. No roaming fees.



Kizy grows together with your business, one tracker at a time. You don’t need to invest into any specific infrastructure.


Kizy helps us identify the cause of delays or inefficiencies that would otherwise remain invisible.

Stefan Ramseier Head of Sales & LogisticsAsendia Press EDS

It enables us to set up quality tests quickly, the pay-per-use pricing model is flexible and the overall solution very cost-effective.

Barbara Willimann Quality Manager & Asendia Press EDS

We can embrace new customer segments thanks to Kizy’s attractive economic pattern.

Daniel ThommenCEO & Lost’n’found AG

Some of our customers’ results


Lower costs to set up supply chain audits and quality tests


Shorter handling time for customer complaints


Time saved for on-site coordination in building projects


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