Low power

Up to 1 year battery life

Low cost

Total cost of ownership 10x lower than GPS

Global coverage

Indoor and outdoor. 98% of the world covered

“Kizy helps us identify the cause of delays or inefficiencies that would otherwise remain invisible.”

Stefan Ramseier

Head of Sales & Logistics, Asendia Press EDS

“It enables us to set up quality tests quickly, the pay-per-use pricing model is flexible and the overall solution very cost-effective.”

Barbara Willimann

Quality Manager, Asendia

“We can embrace new customer segments thanks to Kizy’s attractive economic pattern.”

Daniel Thommen

CEO, Lost'n'found AG

Some of our customers’ results


Lower costs to set up supply chain audits and quality tests


Shorter handling time for customer complaints


Time saved for on-site coordination in building projects

Combine our platform, tracker and API to create your own solution. Custom branded

Online Tracking Platform

The Kizy Online Tracking Platform is the coordination center for all your tracking activities.
Fast, responsive, scalable and 100% cloud-based.
Fully customizable with your brand identity and colors.


The most flexible and powerful tracker available on the market.
We have built every feature around the specific requirements of logistics applications.


Integrate Kizy easily into your systems and applications using our open API.

Smart tracking

Kizy gives you the accuracy you actually need to do your job. By default, it tells you in which city quarter or at which port your shipment is located. When needed, you get enough precision to see at which side of the building it has been delivered.

Flexible pricing

You only pay for Kizy when you use it. Load pre-paid credits onto your account and start tracking. Start and stop missions remotely through the online tracking platform. You keep total control over your costs.

Global coverage

We can locate your shipments and containers everywhere where a cellphone can connect to the GSM network. That means also inside buildings and containers. We cover more than 98% of the countries. No roaming fees.

Easy integration

Kizy fits easily into your processes. Our API enables you to integrate data directly into you own systems and applications.

Easy return

The cheapest and most convenient way to get your tracker back after use: a simple envelope.



Kizy grows together with your business, one tracker at a time. You don’t need to invest into any specific infrastructure.

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