The K-1 GSM tracker

Get to know your objects’ best companion

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The K-1 GSM tracker works wherever your mobile phone does and fits everywhere. Its extremely low power consumption allows it to operate for weeks or months. This tracker is available in various colors and can be personalized with your own branding.

Online tracking platform

Near real-time positioning information all over the world

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The Kizy online tracking platform is the coordination center for all your tracking activities. May it be on the customizable online interface or through the Kizy API: you always have access to reliable geo-location data for your tracking applications.

no GPS


Kizy operates on the existing mobile communication network (GSM). Contrary to GPS-based tracking systems, Kizy uses minimal energy consumption, has low operating costs and is able to locate objects inside buildings and containers.

Kizy has a positioning accuracy of 200m to 2km, depending on the density of the GSM network.

global coverage

Global coverage

Kizy will locate your objects everywhere. Just attach a tracker to what you want to keep an eye on and track it worldwide. Our tracker will accompany your shipments or assets day and night over sea, road and rail. We cover more than 97% of the world.

low operating costs

Low operating costs

Kizy is designed to be very cost effective. As it operates on the mobile network, you take advantage of a worldwide existing infrastructure without any additional investment. The extra long battery life of our reusable trackers allows them to operate up to a year without having to be recharged, thus minimizing handling costs.


Branding and customization

Use Kizy to create your own global tracking system. Both the trackers and the online tracking platform can be personalized with your own colors and branding. If you desire to integrate Kizy into your applications, we will provide you with our API.

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